Follow the certification trail when you suspect employee is gaming medical leave

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Let’s face it: Some employees would sooner lie than follow the rules.

When faced with increasing disciplinary pressure over absences, some may falsely claim they’re missing work because they have a serious health condition. After all, the word on the street is that employers can’t terminate employees for taking FMLA leave. Requesting leave may seem like a reasonable way to keep from getting in trouble.

But, when asked to provide certification of their serious health condition from a health care provider, employees may realize they can’t. One answer? Fake it.

What’s an employer to do? There are several approaches you can take.

You could request a second certification from a health care provider you select—at your cost. If that proves contradictory, a third employer-paid examination breaks the tie. But obviously, this approach can get expensive, since you are required to pay for the additional certifications.

An alternative: D...(register to read more)

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