MAINE: Payroll law update, July-Dec. 2011

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Income tax withholding. Beginning in 2011, nonresidents who work in the state are subject to withholding if, during a calendar year, they’re in the state for more than 12 days and earn more than $3,000. Employees who are in the state for up to 24 days during a year, and who are performing the following services, won’t have their presence counted toward the 12-day threshold:

  • Personal services performed in connection with presenting or receiving employment-related training or education
  • Personal services performed in connection with a site inspection, review, analysis of management or any other supervision of a facility, affiliate or subsidiary based in the state by a representative from a company, not headquartered in the state, that owns that facility or is the parent company of the affiliate or subsidiary
  • Personal services performed in connection with research and development at a facility based in the state or in connection with the installation of new or upgraded equipment or systems at that facility
  • Personal services performed as part of a project team working on the attraction or implementation of new investment in a facility based in the state. (Ch. 380, L. 2011)

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