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13 interviewee questions to prepare for

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What happens when applicants turn the tables on you during interviews? Are you (or the supervisors in your workplace) prepared? Poor answers can hurt your chances of winning the candidate.

Here are 13 applicant questions to be prepared to answer:

  1. When employees have been successful in this job, what positions have they moved to—inside and outside the company?
  2. Can I talk with employees I’d be managing?
  3. Are there any big companywide initiatives coming in the next fiscal year?
  4. What’s the organizational structure of my department (and/or the company)?
  5. Describe the corporate culture. What kind of employee behavior conforms to it?
  6. What duties would I perform during a typical day on the job?
  7. How does the company reward above-average performance—beyond dollars?
  8. Where do you see this company in five years, 10 years?
  9. What are the immediate priorities for the person you hire?
  10. What aspects of the job have previous people disliked the most?
  11. In what ways can the team I will be working with improve?
  12. How much experience does the team I’d be joining have?
  13. What skills and abilities did the last person lack?

Final tip: Salary talk is no longer taboo in the early rounds. Be ready for an increasing number of candidates who ask about salary, bonuses, incentives and moving expenses at the start of interviews.

How can you be sure you pick up the best workers (who make you look good) while steering clear of the ones who bomb out within the first year and make you look bad? Paul Falcone, who has led HR at NBCUniversal, Nickelodeon, and Paramount Pictures, offers his insightful advice here: Listen to a free 90-second clip here.

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