Tell supervisors: No matter the inconvenience, never interfere with employees’ FMLA rights

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Let’s face it: It makes a manager’s job harder when employees are out on FMLA leave. That’s especially true with intermittent leave, in which an employee with a serious, chronic health condition can take sporadic and largely unpredictable days off. Supervisors have to juggle assignments and schedules to work around the employee’s leave. It’s easy to see how resentment could build.

Don’t let those hard feelings turn into an FMLA interference lawsuit. Instead, insist that managers honor approved intermittent leave without hassling the employee.

Recent case: Amanda Howard worked for the Lancaster office of the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. Her job was to help clients seeking welfare benefits fill out forms. Although everyone in the office was expected to help with filing, that task was not listed as an essential function of Howard’s job.

When Howard was diagnosed with chronic fibromyalgia, she needed periodic time ...(register to read more)

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