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Time sheets in Excel

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Q. How do I set up a simple time sheet in Excel?

A. All MS Excel versions have a Time Card template with the basics. If you need to base the time sheet on check-in and check-out times, you may want to develop formulas with total hours for a day. It’s fairly simple from a math perspective.

For example, if Cell A1 had your start time and B1 had your end time, your formula would look like this: =(B1-A1)*24. The reason we multiply by 24 is that the result of B1-A1 will be expressed as a percentage of a 24-hour day. Mul­­tiplying it by 24 gives you the multiplier to use against an hourly rate to come up with total pay.

Tip: Use the shortcut Ctrl+: (Ctrl+Shift+;)  to “punch in” and “punch out.”  It will instantly put the current time into a cell. It is literally a time stamp.

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