Beware cryptic notes in your HR files–they could be used against you in a later lawsuit

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Before you enter into official files your handwritten notes on conversations, recollections or thoughts about an HR decision, consider how your words might be interpreted. Years from now, will you be able to re­­mem­­ber exactly what your scribbled notes meant? Could anything you wrote be interpreted more than one way?

Best practice: Draft a memo that summarizes and fleshes out your notes—and that makes your ideas perfectly clear. Then toss out the original notes.

That kind of paper trail is self-explanatory, not a record that could be interpreted several ways.

Recent case: Marc Penberg, age 53, worked for Healthbridge Man­agement. He has diabetes and had undergone heart surgery that re­­quired him to use FMLA leave.

Penberg’s job involved converting patient referrals to the company’s rehabilitation facility into actual placements. Employees like Penberg conducted medical screenings on all referrals. He would later claim he ...(register to read more)

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