Since September 2001, when the Texas Minimum Wage Act was last amended, employers have been required to pay a minimum wage equal to the amount set by the federal government under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The Texas law also calls for an automatic increase whenever the federal rate increases.

On July 24, 2007, the federal minimum wage rises from $5.15 per hour to $5.85 per hour. Then, on July 24, 2008, it increases to $6.55 per hour, and on July 24, 2009, to $7.25 per hour.

The Texas Minimum Wage Act also requires that employers give employees a wage statement with every paycheck or payment. It must show exactly how many hours the employee worked and how much the employee earned by the hour.

To review the minimum wage laws in Texas and other states, visit the U.S. Labor Department’s Web site at

Excerpted from Texas' 10 Most Critical Employment Laws, a special bonus report available to subscribers of HR Specialist: Texas Employment Law. 

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