Tips to help avoid scheduling snafus

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Need help when personal and work commitments overlap? Try these tips to better balance your schedule:

• Keep a “uni-calendar” to track business commitments and personal activities. With everything in one place, you’re less likely to overbook yourself. If a “family calendar” is at home, make sure everything is transferred to your uni-calendar.

• Pen in time for important others. Schedule, then write down—in ink —time you plan to spend with your significant other, kids, friends and yourself.

Examples: Designate every Wednesday as Game Night with the kids. Make time for a game of tennis or a pedicure with your best friend. Go for a run alone.

• Ask for help. Instead of trying to be a superhero, enlist the help of colleagues, friends and family.

Examples: Hire a neighborhood kid to clean out your garage. Share carpool duty for kid pick-up.

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