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What’s in a name? 5 tools to remember

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When you’ve forgotten someone’s name, trying to fake it can backfire.

Besides, says behavior strategist and author Joe Takash, there’s a real benefit to making sure you get people’s names right: stronger relationships.

He offers five tips to help you remember names. “They’re simple in theory, but require practice, commitment and repetition,” he says.

Rule 1: Ask people for their names.
Be an initiator and approach others with courage on the outside, no matter how you feel inside.

Rule 2: Make sure you have the right spelling and pronunciation; ask them to repeat or spell it, if you didn’t hear clearly. Make no assumptions.

Rule 3: Forgotten a name? Ask again. “This may be the best but most underused tool,” Takash says. If the person seems upset, say, “I’m very sorry, I just want to respect you by getting your name correctly.”

Rule 4: Remember! To lock names into your memory, use all tools possible. Use rhymes or word associations. Repeat the name out loud. Write it down.

Rule 5: Now use it. Knowing names increases your confidence, and hearing your name feels great.

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