Missing cell phone? All may not be lost

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Backing up the phone list stored on your cell phone (or your boss’s) doesn’t have to cost a fortune or even require much of an effort. Most carriers have cheap or free plans available for current phones.

Here’s a recent rundown on how each plan works:

If you’re registered online at MyVerizon.com, the Backup Assistant service is free; otherwise it costs $1.99 a month. Automatic backup happens daily.

T-Mobile: Its Mobile Backup service (my.t-mobile.com) is free and works on the majority of phones currently sold by the company, but not all older models. It backs up information every time you make a change.

Using the Mobile Backup service costs customers $2 a month. You choose whether you want it to back up data daily or once weekly.

A $2 monthly service called Wireless Backup applies to most of the carrier’s phones. Six of the newest phones can use a free service called Sprint Mobile Sync. For Nextel phones, the MyNextel Address Book costs $5 per month. All of them back up information as you make changes.

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