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One free application and one online tool to help simplify your work:

• KallOut ( Download this free application so you can access the web from within documents and e-mail messages. Here’s how it works: Select any word, phrase or address within Outlook, Word or on any PDF or web page, hover over it and a KallOut window pops open allowing you to do a “mini web search.”

Example: Highlight an address and the KallOut window shows you the address on a Google map. Without launching a browser, you can go to Google, plug in the address and call up a map.

• TinyURL ( When you post a lengthy web site URL in an e-mail, recipients probably receive a broken link that they have to cut and paste back together. But if you enter a URL in the text field on TinyURL, the site creates a shorter URL that won’t break and never expires.

Example: Instead of a long string of gobbledygook, your new URL would look something like

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