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Crack down on spam

by on
in Office Management,Office Technology

It's not just you; we’ve all been getting more spam lately.

Not only is spam a drain on your time, it’s also a security threat. What to do about it? Stop fuming and start filtering.

Here’s how:

MailWasher (www.mailwasher.net, free) or MailboxFilter (www.mailboxfilter.com, $37) will filter your messages before they reach your e-mail program.

Mail Snoop Pro (www.rinnov.com/rnbw, free trial, then $35) allows you to try its shareware spam-catcher before you buy.

Outlook users:
Upgrade your junk e-mail filter (support.microsoft.com/kb/872976).

You can also use these programs along with Outlook:

Cloudmark (www.cloudmark.com, starts at $4 per month).

IHateSpam (www.sunbeltsoftware.com, $20).

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