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Blocking junk e-mail: 5 online resources

by on
in Human Resources

Unsolicited e-mail ("spam") wastes employee time, slows your network and creates legal liabilities. Here are five resources to help you block it out: Spam calculator, www.cmsconnect.com/ marketing/spamcalc.htm, lets you calculate spam's financial drain on your company. SpamEater, www.hms.com/spameater.asp, is one of many spam-filtering programs. Spamcon Foundation, www.spamcon.org, is a nonprofit site that offers anti-spam information and ideas. Brightmail, www.brightmail.com, is the leading maker of corporate anti-spam software. The Federal Trade Commission, www.ftc.gov/bcp/menu-internet.htm, offers free information on how to stop spam.

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