What to include in a camera-Phone policy

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Q. I’m looking to create a company policy regarding cell phones with photographic capabilities. Any suggestions? —L.B., California

A. Some companies don’t have such policies, while others go as far as banning all cell phones from the workplace. We'd suggest that you have a camera-phone policy addressing the following issues:

  1. Employees may not use camera phones during work time for personal use.
  2. Employees may not use camera phones to transmit communications (visual or audio) of a sexually explicit nature or otherwise in violation of your company’s policy against harassment.
  3. Employees may not use camera phones while operating an automobile or in other circumstances where such use would pose a safety hazard.
  4. Employees may not use camera phones to capture visual and/or audio without the consent of the subject being captured (i.e., employees should not secretly photograph anyone). In some states, capturing audio without permission is illegal.
  5. Camera phones may not be used to capture or transmit the organization’s trade secrets or confidential information.

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