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When Pandora founder and chief strategy officer Tim Westergren started the Music Genome Project in 2000, the goal was to analyze the musical details of thousands of songs by studying them one at a time. The result was Pandora, free Internet radio that plays music specifically suited to your taste, without commercial interruption. The company continues to grow like a weed, with practically every metric skyrocketing.

EL: Talent seems to play a big role in your business—not just musical talent but employee talent.

Westergren: When you’re a small company, what you lack in scale you have to make up for by being a step ahead of the competition. Innovation is an absolute cornerstone of our company, for a number of reasons. First, it was an innovative idea to start the Music Genome Project. And now we have to be innovative in 360 degrees—in terms of our playlists, how we use technology, how we structure advertising and marketing—bec...(register to read more)

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