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Better than Free? Small Business Tools Worth their Weight in Gold

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in The Wrong Question

The internet has changed our perspective on a good many things.  We should be able to search for almost everything, we should be able to access information from anywhere, we should be able to buy exactly what we want any time of day, and we should even be able to find our perfect soul mate.  Perhaps most profound of these changes is our expectation of what we should be able to get for free.  In a word: anything.

With so much free stuff available online, our attention soon shifts to answering the more important question: What is better than free?  You see, as a business owner, I have money.  I do not need everything for free as there are things I value more than a $0 price tag.  What you may ask?

1) Being Findable. The online world is more crowded than ever, and I want my very best prospects to be able to find me online when they're ready to buy. That is more valuable than free for most business owners.

2) Customizabl...(register to read more)

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bizchelle September 9, 2009 at 11:25 pm

I don’t use HighriseHQ but love basecamp. Thanks for the recommendation on these tools – especially ones that can integrate seamlessly.


Matt Fenn September 8, 2009 at 5:37 pm

We love Moobiz business management software http://www.moobiz.com because it combines all of our day to day business tasks into one easy to use system, from CRM to cost proposals and invoicing to accounting and project management, we even run our website with it.

It saves us hours every day and allows us to collaborate effectively on projects.


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