Fortune Magazine, A Stimulus Check and The Beginning of The End…?

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I am a long time subscriber of Fortune Magazine and am a fan of their Fortune Small Business magazine.  So I was surprised and disappointed when I read “Where’s My Stimulus?” which asked “The government is giving billions to companies that make billions… Why don’t they give that money to small business?”  It reduces small business owners to spoiled, incompetent children.

Here is the simple answer for why the government does not give billions of dollars to American small business, we do not employ millions of people who would lose their job, further damage the economy and drain government unemployment funds.  However, that is not the issue, attitude is the issue.

Where is my stimulus?  This is a terrible question from a magazine for and about small business.

This article states that 75% of entrepreneurs say the government hasn’t supported them enough (poll by Intuit payroll). Are you kidding me!?! Maybe not kidding, b...(register to read more)

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