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Is The Shark Tank TV Show the Summer's Best Entrepreneurial Education?

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in The Wrong Question

I was skeptical when I saw the promos, but Mark Burnett  has done a great good job mixing successful and silly business ideas with the drama necessary to make this program very interesting.  In fact as a business owner, you should TiVo the entire series.

Episode #2 – Hard lessons from the shark tank

There were a lot of important lessons in this episode, but these three address the most common mistakes I encounter when talking with business owners in search of capital.

1 – You’ll never get  the truth from family, friends or anyone who loves you.  You’ll get the truth from money.

2 – Building a business can blind you to the best opportunities that are obvious to others

3 – Nobody cares how much you invested or what you did to get your business to this point, only what you have to offer going forward.

Spend 3 minutes with this video for a deeper analysis and share your thoughts from this episode

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