Is My Customer Really Always Right…Even if They are Ignorant?

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This mantra has been the foundation of customer service for years.  It is more relevant today, even with a client who is completely unreasonable.  

Today, more than ever, this question completely misses the point. Better Question:  What do I do with this walking, talking  marketing message?whisperRecognize with the interaction in question you are creating an advertising message, and the best one available to you.  You've heard forever and know to be true that the best form of advertising is word of mouth.  It is critical to recognize, that if you are asking this question, a couple things have probably already occurred.

For some reason your customer is unhappy.  Happy clients are always right, because they like us and our service.  Those people may tell others and may not.  This person who you are asking this question about is certainly going to tell others.  Recognize this opportunity for what it is, the opportunity t...(register to read more)

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