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Wrong Question: Why don't people follow links to my company website?

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in The Wrong Question

Better Question:  How can I make linking and clicking to my content irresistible?

When you see that hyperlink on a page, do you follow it?  Do you put links to it in your online material?

If you're like most, it depends heavily on what you expect to get in return for your time.

It may be hard to accept, but in most cases, customers don't care enough to click on a link that reads "read more about our company" or "visit our website"  especially if they think they'll get the typical brochure site on the other end.  They surf to solve problems, learn new things or be entertained - not wade through "blah-blah" text written by an advertising copywriter.  But when there is a link with the appearance of relevance and quality, answering questions currently on their mind, you'll get the clicks, the links and the respect.

Why should you care about getting links?

Traffic and search ranking are affected by the link profile...(register to read more)

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