Give Acceptance — Even when people don't deserve it

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A female vice president once told me, "I try to add value to and bring the best out of others even if it's someone who makes my life a living hell."

That is good advice. Keep giving acceptance, even when others seemingly don't deserve it. I know that there are all types of people and some are seemingly more deserving than others, but, who are you and I to judge and categorize? If you were in their hush puppies, you might be doing the very thing that bugs you.

It's surprising how judgmental and critical we can get toward others whom we think are underworking, undermining slough-offs. Then we naively think we can keep those thoughts to ourselves! Those thoughts ooze out of every pore of your body when you're around the person and even when you aren't. No one is a good enough actor to camouflage destructive thoughts, at least over time.

Your thoughts maintain and build, or attack and destroy, the esteem of others. You don't have t...(register to read more)

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