The most amazing fact about fundraising can help make any direct mail promotion more successful — including yours!

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When I first got into direct marketing, I took a course in direct mail copywriting with legendary copywriter Milt Pierce at New York University.    

One day a student asked, “Professor Pierce, why is it that, as soon as I give a donation to a charity, they immediately send me another letter asking for more money?”    

Milt replied: “Because they know, from experience, that the person who just made a donation is the one most likely to give again.”    

Huh? This threw me. It seemed counterintuitive.    

“But Professor Pierce, if I just gave money to a charity, then I would feel I’d fulfilled my obligation for at least a while. And I might even be annoyed that they are coming back to me asking for more.”    

“Nonetheless,” Milt replied, “experience proves that the person who just gave is the most likely to give again.”    

He explained that this phenomenon was called RECENCY, and it held for commercial direct response as well a...(register to read more)

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