What bear hunting and the Daily News can teach you about writing more honest copy

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I live and work in New Jersey, where I have my home and office in two different towns, both in the northern part of the state.             

In December 2005, New Jersey authorized a bear hunt to control the bear population, and it created an immediate furor.            

The hunters defended the hunt, saying they were performing a needed service by reducing the population of bears.             

Anecdotally at least, encounters between humans and bears do appear to be more frequent as of late.             

One golf course, for instance, was closed for half a day because a bear would not leave the greens.             

On the other side of the debate, protestors say that bear hunting is cruel and unnecessary.             

After reading an article on the bear hunt, I e-mailed a brief letter to the editor, which was published in the Daily News on December 8, 2005 on page 60.             

It said: “The bear hunt may or may not be e...(register to read more)

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