How to build your subscriber list rapidly and inexpensively using 'safelists'

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Online marketing expert Debbie Weil recently asked me, “How do you know whether an e-zine is successful?”             

“An e-zine is successful if it achieves its stated marketing objective,” I replied. “Conversely, if you have no written marketing goal for your e-zine, you have no way to determine whether it is worthwhile.”             

The original goal of my e-zine, “Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter,” was simply to update clients, prospects, book buyers, seminar attendees, and colleagues about things I was doing that they wanted to know about, such as publication of a new book or availability of a recent speech on audiocassette.             

As a result, I kept it deliberately small: between sign-ups on the home page of and e-mail addresses added from my database, circulation was about 2,000. And that was fine with me.             

But my plans changed, and I suddenly wanted to get a lot more subscribers in a ...(register to read more)

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