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Blogging redux

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In a recent DM News column, I apparently offended a segment of the blogging community by suggesting that perhaps blogs might be “an utter waste of time … a pure vanity publication that won’t pay you back even one thin dime for your effort.”

Here’s what all the hoopla has taught me so far: bloggers are a tight-knit community that sticks together and are rabidly enthusiastic about their medium. Many are self-described blogging “evangelists.”

Their attitude toward new and untested marketing media and channels is probably a lot different than yours and mine (I assume that you, like me, are a direct marketer).

I told virtually every blogger who said I had treated blogging unfairly the following….

“We direct marketers only care about one thing in marketing: ROI (return on investment).

“Unless a dollar spent on a marketing test returns two or three dollars in revenues, we consider that test a failure — and cut off the promotion.”

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Yvonne DiVita April 6, 2009 at 12:40 pm

So…quoting something I said two years ago…isn’t really fair, now, is it Bob? Here’s the scoop – I make a good bit of money blogging. No, I don’t care to share how much but it will match your direct mail piece that nobody really reads. Well, 2-3% of people read – and you make a profit for your client.

YOU are not everybody. And, I am not everybody.

Blogs are a tool. They are not the be-all and end-all. It’s clear, tho you will not admit it, that direct mail is going the way of the newspaper. Blogs and social media, because of their ability to connect people more personally than a flyer sent in the mail, will continue to grow.

As for blog roi… that’s been done to death. If you’re not keeping up on that, I can’t help you. Blogs do have ROI – just as valuable and important as any DM campaign.

I think your talents are what work for your clients – not the tool you use. And, that’s the same result you get with a blog. The tool allows talented people to excel in marketing for themselves and their clients.


B.L. Ochman April 6, 2009 at 12:02 pm

Still blog bashing after all this time, huh bob. i guess you have a new book coming out.


Joan Smyth April 6, 2009 at 7:55 am

Bob –
thanks for mentioning Covenant House in such distinguished company as Omaha Steak and Phillips. We do focus on ROI – because it’s cash that lets us care fo our kids. And we have been blessed with successful DM program and lots of wonderful supporters. We’re keeping an eye on blogs – but you’re right – until we can measure the return, how can we devote a large portion of our resources this way.


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