Stink in Clifton leads OSHA to violations jackpot

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What began as an investigation into a foul odor recently turned into something far worse for a Clifton company that makes kitchen countertops.

Complaints about a strong solvent smell prompted a visit by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Pro­tec­tion to Safas Corporation’s plant in Clifton. After officials looked around, they called the federal OSHA.

OSHA then followed its nose to find $135,000 worth of willful and serious violations. None had anything to do with the original stench.

Willful violations involved inade­quate forklift training and hearing protection—resulting in $84,000 in fines. Eight­een serious violations—for everything from faulty electrical equipment and unsecured propane tanks to blocked exits—added another $51,000 in fines.

Note: Employers should regularly check their workplace conditions against OSHA standards.

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