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What should we do? We suspect string of workplace injuries might be workers’ comp fraud

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in Compensation and Benefits,Human Resources

Q. We’ve had an exceptional number of suspicious injuries at work so far this year. We don’t want to jump to conclusions, but how can we determine if these injuries are part of a workers’ comp insurance fraud scheme?

A. If you suspect that an employee collecting workers’ compensation benefits is doing so fraudulently, contact the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Compliance Section. Do so in writing via a letter or an email. Include the following information:

  • The full name and address of the person collecting workers’ compensation benefits
  • The name of the employer with whom the individual became eligible to receive the benefits
  • Your reasons for believing the individual is collecting benefits fraudulently.

If you are willing to provide additional information to the insurance carrier, you can pass along your organization’s name, address and telephone number.

If the information you provide enables the compliance section to locate an insurance carrier paying benefits, your response will be forwarded to that carrier so it can conduct an investigation.

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