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Hoarders in the Office? Address the Mess

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in HR Soapbox

Hoarding may get your employees a spot on reality TV, but they need to know it could damage their image—and hurt their chances at a promotion.

More than eight in 10 HR professionals (83%) say the appearance of an employee’s workspace at least somewhat affects the perception of that person’s professionalism, says an OfficeTeam survey. Plus, 28% of employers say they’d be less likely to promote someone who has a disorganized or messy workspace, says a CareerBuilder survey.

paper pileAs OfficeTeam’s director, Robert Hosking, put it, "A tidy desk won't necessarily boost your career, but a messy one can leave a bad impression on colleagues."

That’s not good news for the 38% of U.S. workers who say that between 50% and 100% of their desk surface is currently covered with work or other materials. A full one-third of workers admit that they tend to be hoarders at work (evenly balanced between men and women).

Hoarding-related TV shows like Hoa...(register to read more)

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