Employer Liable For Letting Worker View Child Pornography In The Workplace

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In one of the first cases to deal with the viewing of child pornography in the workplace, the New Jersey Appellate Division ruled that a company could be liable for damages suffered by innocent third parties — which can be anyone, not just a child — where the company failed to investigate reports that an employee was viewing pornography online at work.

Only after the employee was arrested on child pornography charges did his employer terminate him. Much too little, much too late, ruled the court. Especially when you consider these facts.

  • The employee's immediate supervisor, a manager, and the director of network and PC services were all aware of the suspicion that the employee used a company computer to visit sexually explicit websites. Even co-workers complained about the employee's computer habits.
  • An investigation into these complaints uncovered that he visited child porn sites. The company only told him ...(register to read more)

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