What should we do when employees tinker with compressed work schedules?

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Question: “Our office offers an optional schedule in which employees work 80 hours over the course of nine days, with every other Friday off. But people frequently move their days off to some other day, which is a recordkeeping nightmare. I’m also worried that when nonexempt employees do this, we risk somehow violating overtime laws. Does anyone have suggestions for how to handle these related concerns?” RoxAnn, Calif.


We have the same schedule as you with every other Friday off. We simply don't allow other days off without using sick or vacation time. If you miss any day except "your scheduled Friday off", you must use personal time. If you must work your normal Friday off - nonexempts get paid and exempts simply end up with more hours for the same salary. Fridays can't be used to "make up time" from another day. If you miss too many scheduled weekdays, yo...(register to read more)

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