FMLA leave spikes before weekends, holidays? Investigate suspected abuse, fire if warranted

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Employees with chronic medical conditions that flare up unpredictably may be entitled to FMLA leave. But that can create scheduling nightmares for employers. And intermittent leave, by its nature, is subject to abuse. After all, an employee on intermittent leave can simply call in and explain his condition is acting up.

But that doesn’t mean employers are powerless when they suspect abuse.

If you notice an odd pattern such as using intermittent FMLA leave around holidays or other days off, the employee may be creating his own mini-vacation breaks without having to use precious vacation or personal days.

The best approach is to carefully document your suspicions. For example, list intermittent leave requests and when they happen to coincide with other time off.

Then launch an investigation. You may obtain concrete evidence that the employee who claims to be laid up is actually on the golf course, working in the yard or engagi...(register to read more)

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