When accused harasser says he was harassed, weigh everyone’s credibility–and motive for lying

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It can and does happen when an employee complains that she has been sexually harassed: In the course of the ensuing internal investigation, the alleged harasser says that, in fact, he was harassed—and the alleged victim was the real harasser.

What should you do? Chalk it up to a he said/she said situation and refuse to discipline either one? That’s probably not the best route to take—especially if you discover that the employee who originally complained is more credible and that others can back up her claims.

The person who was initially ­accused may try to sue, but he probably won’t get far, as the following case demonstrates.

Recent case: John Littlefield began working for Autotrader.com as an advertising consultant in Buffalo in August 2007. In early October, the company announced it was going to conduct a week-long sales promotion it called a “Sales Blitz.” The district sales manager put together sales teams from several...(register to read more)

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