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Use your Internet policy to justify terminating potentially dangerous employee

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in Employment Law,HR Management,Human Resources

Employers that want to maintain a productive workplace are smart to set limits on the websites employees can visit.

After all, spending work time looking for bargains, planning a vacation, checking in with friends or indulging a hobby may be productive for the em­­ployee—but it steals time and adds nothing to an employer’s bottom line.

Advice: Invest in software that blocks employee access to off-limits sites. Then tell employees what kinds of web content you consider inappropriate. That way, if an employee attempts to circumvent the blocking, you still have grounds to discipline him based on the subject matter.

Consider the following case, in which an employer was able to use its Internet policy to terminate an e­mployee whom co-workers and super­visors feared might do them harm.

Recent case: Tony Jackson worked for Planco as a software administrator. The company had a clear Internet policy that prohibited employees from vi...(register to read more)

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