Leading a supervisor to be succinct

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Question: “A supervisor in my office feels quite comfortable and friendly with me and frequently stops by to chat, share problems and sometimes discuss work-related issues. She talks slowly and with a bit of a stutter.

“She has noticed I’m very busy, so I’ve been able to cut back on her visits unrelated to work, but when she comes by to discuss work it’s never planned ahead and she takes a long time to come to the point, repeats herself or talks in circles. I get impatient and struggle not to appear rude. How can I shorten our visits and deal with her in a polite and tactful manner?”  -- Amy, New Hampshire


“One way to avoid unnecessary trips to your desk is to implement a system where work-related requests are sent to you by e-mail or by completing a request card that you create.

“If this isn’t possible, when the supervisor begins to talk in circles, sa...(register to read more)

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