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Making another career mistake?

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in Admin Pro Forum

Question: During my early years as an admin, I thought I wanted to be a legal secretary. I liked the image of the legal profession: the well-tailored suits, square-cornered briefcases, the idea of being involved in court cases, etc. So, I trained and finally became a legal secretary.

After four years in the profession, in two different jobs, I find that it’s not quite what I expected. My work, for the most part, has involved extensive word processing and back-and-forthing with lawyers. I work at a high level of risk and exposure: leaving out a paragraph or missing a lawyer’s correction can lead to disaster. The pressure is extreme.

Now that I’ve worked hard to get here, though, I’m not excited about redirecting my career once again. What if I make another career mistake?

Any and all advice is welcome!  -- H.P., Tampa, Fla.


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Beth Luciano March 4, 2011 at 11:14 am

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