Persuading Management to follow the rules

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Question: We’ve been told recently that we’re not allowed to eat in our work area, and, so far, everybody is following this new rule. Unfortunately, neither of my bosses follows it, though. They both eat at their desks. Please help me either explain this to everyone else or persuade management to follow the rules the same as we’re expected to do.  -- A.C., Missouri


Are you kidding me? If management wants to eat at their desks, then they can eat at their desks. They are not always subject to the same office rules as the rank & file. That's just the way it is. RHIP (Rank Has Its Privileges) will always be true.

Why are people asking you why they eat at their desks? When my boss does things and people question it, I say he's in his office go ask him. That'll stop the ...(register to read more)

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