How to deal with unpleasant co-workers

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Question: I work for a government agency as a sole support person for about 25 people. With this many people also comes a wide variety of personalities. A handful of these people tend to take their moods or personal problems out on me when they give me work to do. I have talked to the head of our group about this problem and was told to remain even-keeled and not respond to their rude comments. One such comment:  “I don’t want to hear about it; I just want you to do it.”

That came from a stressed-out employee who was demonstrating angry body language. A personal situation was causing the stress, and the employee even called in sick the following day.

If I can’t talk to the person giving me an assignment about the assignment, what am I to do? Things like this happen a couple times a month. When I mentioned  that I thought these instances constituted verbal abuse, the head of our group told me that it wou...(register to read more)

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val b June 22, 2011 at 3:02 pm

I am a Registered Nurse at a nursing home facillity. I have been verbally abused on many occasions on the job by co workers and people in supervision. When I’ve asked questions about how to do my job better, I get my head “bit off”. I’ve even had a supervisor throw something at me. Thank God she missed me. What can I do about this? Is there anything I can do about it? I’ve repeatedly told my supervisors of situation. Should I get a lawyer to help me stop the abuse? This would probably cost me my job. I am currently looking for another position elsewhere, which is too bad, because this is a job with great benefits, which my husband and I need because of his serious health problems.


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