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Publishing an internal newsletter

by on
in Admin Pro Forum

Question: I have taken on the task of creating an internal newsletter.  We have 14 employees (4 professional engineers, 7 consultants and 3 admin staff) located in 7 different states.  Our internal communication is very weak due to workload and the geographical distance.   Our company consisted of 5 employees in the same office until 2 years ago.  I feel that an e-mailed newsletter would be a good way to communicate with everyone.

I created the first newsletter in Dec 2004. The content varied, with Christmas funnies, a calendar of coming events, family information, a note from the president and a few other things along this line.  There wasn't much response.  However, the response I did receive was negative: "The newsletter was not informative."  I spent approximately 3 weeks (on/off) developing the newsletter in Microsoft Publisher.  I'm not giving up yet but would appreciate any advise from someone ...(register to read more)

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