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Question: If you’ve taken on more responsibility in the past five years, you aren’t alone. Admins are filling more advanced roles, according to a recent survey of more than 3,200 members of the International Association of Administrative Professionals. So, what new responsibilities have you taken on in recent years, and have they made your job more enjoyable or just more stressful? (Look for more coverage of the IAAP survey in the July issue of Personal Report.)  -- The editors


My duties just seem to expand and expand. I've gone from being an Admin with the majority of my work being AP. Then our company decided to have an HR Team which I am now a part of. Basically, we have several projects all over the United States. So they try to pick admins that can help facilitate the new hires, terms, benefits and all of that. I now have 3 union shops amongst seve...(register to read more)

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