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Question: I am the office manager for an HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) company, We need field people, mechanics and helpers, that type of thing.  The type of workers we are looking for really don’t attend job fairs much.

I have tried advertising for help everywhere: small newspapers, large newspapers, the Web and tech schools.   Does anyone out there have any scathingly brilliant ideas on how to reach this type of worker to recruit them?  I would appreciate ANY suggestions.

Thanks so much.  -- Kelly Hogue, Warminster, PA


I have two suggestions on places to advertise. Create some quick & to the point flyers which can be posted in HVAC supply stores...a place where some types of these employees may need to frequent for a job they may currently be in. It can also be helpful for friends looking for jobs for friends.

Second one...try...(register to read more)

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