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Question: I understand that salaried employees are expected to work unpaid/uncompensated overtime. I computed my regular work hours and overtime hours for last year and discovered I had worked a period equivalent to more than 13 months of business days in a 12-month business year.

In the business world, in general, how much overtime is expected of a lower-level, salaried secretary? I want to be known as a team player, but don't want the business to take advantage of my goodwill.  -- Anonymous


How you get paid (salaried or by the hour) does not determine where or not you are eligible for overtime. There are specific criteria that need to be meet in order to be an exempt employee. From the sounds of it, "lower level" secretary, you probably don't meet the criteria. You should be compensated for any hours you work in a week over 40. You can call your region...(register to read more)

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claude sigley August 9, 2011 at 9:54 am

I am an exempt employee supposedly. I perform the function of software testing, I have 1 exempt employee working for me. We have to submit leave for anytime missed. Our work week is 37.5 hours, we get 180 hours a year vacation time and we get about 150 hours a year sick time and 40 hours paid holidays. I worked 241 hours of overtime this past year. What is the standard a professional will give for overtime before recognition is recieved for the ffort


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