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Question: Does anyone have an effective, politically correct method of getting people to clear their own copier jams? Not a day goes by that I don't find someone else's unattended jam that I have to clear.

The copier has very specific, fully illustrated instructions on how to clear the jam, yet everyone seems to leave it for the next person to clear.

It's not difficult to figure out which admins are doing this (and it's the same ones who spend literally hours at a time chatting with co-workers while the rest of us slave away). What is a good way to address this?  -- Anonymous


If you have staff meetings, bring up the subject (and you have to do this more than once). Explain to them that it is a very easy procedure and you are willing to show them. But every time you have to clear jams, it is time you don't have to do your work. Explain to them that since t...(register to read more)

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