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Question: I am in charge of archiving documents within our office. I use storage boxes for the papers, but what is the best way to group them by appropriate topic (i.e. financial reports, board members’ backgrounds, etc.)?

I now have them in closed manila envelopes, some in hanging folders (which hinders closing the lids) and others in plain flat file folders.  Suggestions?  -- Terri L. Michael


Being that I work for a Professional Records Management Company, let me see if I can help you.

First, put your documents in "good storage" boxes by 1)document type (minutes), 2) year of document (2001-2002) and 3) make sure the box has an expiration date (date you can destroy). Make sure this information is on the box end for easy reference.

Expiration dates are really important, especially if you decide to store your boxes with a storage company. You will need to...(register to read more)

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