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More responsibility, no compensation

by on
in Admin Pro Forum

Question: For the second time, my department has lost its office manager. Being the AA for that position, I have stepped up, above and beyond, to fill the void as much as possible. This time, I decided to ask for the position. I was pretty much denied the opportunity. I feel like I've been cheated because I've taken on a lot more responsibility — HR, office management and supervising roles — and am not compensated or respected for it.  What should I do?  -- Anonymous


I hear you. I did exactly the same for my FORMER boss. I stepped up and did work that was completely out of my job description for more than two years. I asked for acknowledgement and a raise, but was denied time and again. Recently, I was offered another job in a different department with an $8,000 increase for less responsibility. I approached my boss to see if he would do anything to kee...(register to read more)

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