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Question: I have a co-worker who does very little work and is constantly on the phone (personal calls). When this co-worker took medical leave, I did both my job AND the co-worker’s job, with extra time left over.

The owners are aware of this and have commented that they need to do something with this person but, to this day (it’s been two years), they have done nothing. The owners’ answer is to just add more work to my job, which I feel is unfair since this other person just does nothing.

I think I have intimidated this co-worker, because we no longer have the friendly relationship we had before the medical leave.

How do I keep from getting so frustrated?

HELP!  -- Anonymous


Don't volunteer anymore to take on all the extra responsibilities without negotiating with them ahead of time for extra pay, comp time, etc. Since you said you did both jobs a...(register to read more)

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