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Question: I have been offered a job at a new company that is willing to match the pay I make now for similar work. My boyfriend told me that this is a good time to negotiate for more money. For example, asking for $1.00/hour more to start, but skipping the first review for a raise.

I feel a little guilty and greedy thinking of asking for more pay. But, as I think about it more, I know I perform a great deal of duties and I'm a good worker.

I need your advice. Should I ask for more or just accept the matched pay?  -- Anonymous


It never hurts to ask. If you accept the position, you will always wonder. If you are near your next review where you are at, all the more reason to ask. Or you could accept the position at the current offer and ask for a review in 6 months after you have proven your worth. If you perfom well, they might think you are worth even...(register to read more)

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