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Question: Another manager at my workplace has a new employee who smells, very strong, of body odor. All the staff working in that area and others among the office have already complained and are now spraying scented sprays.

Her appearance is very professional and she is very good at her job.

How does this manager approach this employee? Is that even legal to approach a worker about their smell? And if you do approach them, how do you make them comfortable about going back to work now that she knows others could smell her? She also feels bad that the other staff are gossiping about her.  -- Anonymous


Do it right away. Just call her in for a private talk and say it simply and right out, with no hedging. Suggest that it's something she's probably not aware of and that it may be a medical problem and you're telling her so she has a chance to check it ou...(register to read more)

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