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Question: I would like some advice on how to train and make my co-worker independent.  He is a complete fresher in this line (admin) and although he has been with the firm for almost 6 months, had a very good orientation, training and also a chance to work things out, I have spent (and still do spend) a sizeable amount of each day correcting his mistakes. I have called him in to watch what I am correcting, hoping that he gets the hang of what exactly is required by the company, but he still hasn't got the idea.

I keep stressing that he must concentrate more, check things more, get into more detail, but all to no avail. I feel drained and am losing focus on my jobs in the process. Am I being over-bearing, and should I just let him figure it out? I am worried that if I do it that way, I will be left either to do the reports myself or to correct them when he hands them in, almost like doing it again.

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