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Question: I work with a person who has recently been promoted into the management ranks. My problem is that she over explains the simplest thing. I hate to interact with her because it is time-consuming. How can I handle this situation? Last week, she started to go into a detailed explanation and I cut her off by asking what the answer was. FYI, she isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.  -- Karin


Karin - When I read your problem, I have the very same one, except this person is not my manager, she is an assistant to me (actually the receptionist who helps me when I am overloaded). I dread having to explain anything to her since she goes on and on. So as a result, I do not give her any of my work and do it myself. I am anxious to hear the responses and suggestions to your plea.
Thank you - Char in Ohio

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