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Question: Anyone doing something special for Bosses Day? Last year, we had a potluck and put together a game and a slideshow about the bosses, but we're having trouble coming up with new ideas for this year. (Oct. 16 is Bosses Day, but we'll celebrate it on either the 14th or the 17th.)  -- Evelyn


Scrapbooking seems to be a popular fad right now. A couple of years ago, each employee wrote a thank you note to our boss and we created a scrapbook of each person she supervised along w/ a picture of the employee. We included pictures of Christmas parties, A baby shower we had hosted for a fellow co-worker, etc.

The scrapbook itself became a prized possession in our department. We continue to add pages to it till this day.

In the past, we have celebrated with a group ...(register to read more)

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